If you have a website, you’re going to want to be updated on the latest in web design trends out there. The thing is, there is a lot that changes every twelve months in lieu of the same, where it comes to things like visuals and algorithm updates.

The last thing you want is for that website of yours that looks chic today, to be relegated to one that looks cheesy in a mere few months.

That can literally happen, which is why you want to keep yourself updated with these latest web trends in anticipation of 2019.

The Latest Web Trends For 2019

1. Think Flat

It’s all about minimalism and usability here.

It’s all about minimalism and usability here. What you need to do, is think about getting rid of that clutter and focus on the important parts of your website. You can do that succinctly well through using flat design for your website.

This does not mean that everything is reduced to two dimensions, though. You can use contrasting bright colors and illustrations with imagery, to provide an excellent experience to the end user, one that is indeed eye catching and captivating.

The great thing about having flat design, is that no matter if one is browsing on a desktop or mobile phone, they will be able to have an enjoyable, fast-loading experience while scouring your website.

Faster load times only mean your website is going to rank higher in the search results!

2. Keeping It Mobile First

You might have a website that is really fast and laced with the best special effects thanks to some really cool software, but if it’s not mobile friendly, you’re missing the plot. In fact, Google has now made it a point to change the sites that they index first, prioritizing the mobile ones over those that are not mobile friendly.

Of course, it’s a world of smartphones, and you have to target your website to those mobile users. This is where mobile first web design comes in. It starts by first creating the website experience for the mobile user, and then going along to create a version for the desktop user.

3. Having Video Backgrounds

In fact, it’s even easier to watch those videos play these days, by watching them play on mute as you scroll through that news feed.

In spite of minimalism being so big in these times, video backgrounds are definitely here to stay. In fact, you can see the reaction that videos get on Facebook. The posts with videos get all the more attention over other kinds of posts.

In fact, it’s even easier to watch those videos play these days, by watching them play on mute as you scroll through that news feed.

Videos convey messages uniquely. What’s more, when there is a complex message that you have to deliver to your users in a short span of time, they can be extremely effective. Also, if you have a short and high-quality video playing in the background on mute, it can do wonders for your branding.

4. Using A Selective Theme Of Colors

If you have a unique combination of colors on your website, you can actually get people to stay on it for longer than they otherwise would. Of course, you would like people to stay longer, so that they can discover more about whatever it is you are offering them.

So, make sure you experiment with a lot of colors in order to find just the right combination that will appeal to the visual palette of your end users and whet their appetite for information.

5. Micro-Animations

You would have noticed these a lot in several desktop and mobile applications, right?

Micro-animations are one f the most powerful ways in which you can get a potential customer to understand your site as they are navigating through it.

An example of a micro-animation would be the changing of the color of a button when the mouse moves over it, or even perhaps the expanding of a menu.

You would have noticed these a lot in several desktop and mobile applications, right? That’s because they are clearly in and something that you need to use effectively as part of your web designing campaign. They catch the eye of the user and are certainly not to be missed.

6. Chatbots

You have probably noticed by now amidst all your surfing on the Internet, those little boxes that pop up at the bottom right side of the screen, that allow you to chat with a representative from the company. The plus here is that just about anyone can ask a question to your company.

The downside is that you might not have someone available to answer all those questions in real time.

That’s where a Chatbot steps in. Using this Chatbot, you will find that you are able to give pre-programmed responses to some of the most commonly questions that are asked by customers of you.

For the questions the Chatbot cannot answer, it can at least give instructions to the person who is querying, on how to get in touch with a live representative later on.

7. Original Illustrations

Of course, this does come at a cost.

The thing with using stock photos on your website, is that they might be nice, but far too common to make an impression. If you really wish to make an impression, you might consider adding original illustrations to your website.

The good news with original illustrations is, they are playful and lend a depth of character to whatever it is you are trying to convey to people out there.

Of course, this does come at a cost. After all, artists must be paid. It adds a personal touch to your website and it is certainly worth the price, to indulge in illustrations of the original kind.

These are by and far the hippest trends of the web industry as we head into the year 2019. Make sure you stay well on track by keeping these tips in mind. Doing so, you will be all set to conquer the digital world by storm.