If you’re a professional photographer, a good camera is a must.

One, of course, that takes the photographic experience well beyond that which you would get with a smartphone camera. Let’s take a look at the best possible cameras you could procure for your professional needs.

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The Best Cameras For New Photographers

1. The Sony Alpha a6300 Or Sony Alpha a6500

Both of these are really great options for the amateur photographer.

They have great autofocus systems that help you create images of the best possible quality.

A big thumbs up, for these two.

2. Canon EOS800d

T7i.This one is also a great camera for those amateur photographers.

It has a touch-sensitive display with the ability to rotate, as well as phase auto-sensors in the matrix and loaded with a lot of the latest technologies.

Also, the ISO range has been extended, which is a sweet bonus.

3. The Nikon D5300

This one is a most functional and convenient device that is capable of delivering some really beautiful photographs.

It is very energy efficient and will shoot 700 frames without any problems.

What’s more, it won’t even be discharged completely.

4. The Canon EOS Rebel T6i

This one comes with the pleasant bonus of having a remote control.

It enables the quick sharing of pictures with other devices, and the printing is wireless.

Another interesting point to note here that the buffer for serial shooting is very large in the case of jpg files.

5. The Nikon D5100

This one is an excellent choice, too. It is ergonomic and has a most comfortable grip. It has excellent image quality at high ISO values and has an infrared remote control that is optional.

It has the option of producing shots with different artistic effects.

Now that you have zoned in on the best possible camera for your photography needs, here’s a look at the best possible software to get that editing just right.

The Must-Have Editing Software For New Photographers

1. Paint Shop Pro 2019

This software has got some basic as well as advanced tools that can help spruce your image to the best possible extent.

One of the really great features of this software is that it has got a variety of photo organizing options.

2. CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra 10

This uber cool software is split into six different sections that will help you find the precise tools that you need without overwhelming you all at once.

What’s more, it has an easy to use interface and there are plenty of online video tutorials for it.

3. AdobePhotoshop Elements

This one is like the gateway software for people looking to use Adobe’s more professional editing software.

It has a really impressive tool called the content-aware fill tool that allows you to remove those unwanted objects like trash, from your images.

Oh, and you can fill the empty space succinctly well with just a couple of clicks.